Dropshipping, Does It Work?

Added By Admin on 02 Aug 2020

It's a question asked by many. 


Dropshipping can be a very successful and profitable business venture if done correctly. However, if you have not carefully considered all the necessary aspects, popular marketing techniques and you aren't working smart enough, chances are your business won't be as successful as you had hoped.


In theory, it sounds simple, and it is, but there is a lot of research and work that goes into starting and maintain a successful dropshipping business in the UK or worldwide. Once properly explored the advantages of dropshipping will be long-lived and will be a substantial source of income for many years.


To answer the question of whether dropshipping works, it is important to identify the reasons people may fail firstly:


  • Packaging


  • Suppliers will handle the packaging and shipment for dropshipping businesses. Therefore, unless supplied with branding specific packaging, the product will be shipped plain, universal packaging. Many dropshipping brands fail to get their products shipped with special packaging, which can have a big impact on the attractiveness of the product and the experience of the customer. Adding packaging is only a small added price, but well worth it.



  • Photo quality


  • The photo quality of products is crucial to the success of a business. Consumers are sold on a product by the attractiveness of that product, and the more appealing it looks, the more likely they are to purchase something. Investing in professional photographs and getting multiple angles of the product can add to brand image and increase profits. Many people will take their pictures which will take away from the professional image most businesses want to portray. 



  • Delivery


  • Delivery can make or break a dropshipping business. It is essential to choose a supplier not just based on price and range of items but also based on delivery speeds and production turnover. No one wants to wait over a week for a product, and it may just deter them from shopping with you again. Customers value quick and reliable delivery and appreciate excellent communication. 


  • Waiting


  • Communication is vital, and this is true more than ever in dropshipping. This is because back and forth communication may be required even before the order is confirmed. Some products such as clothes will need measurements taken and sent or also queries about particular sizing. If the seller takes too long to respond the buyer may lose interest, which is bad for business. 


  • Quality 


  • When it comes to online shopping, the most significant disadvantage to traditional shopping is that you can't tell what the quality is like until you receive the item. Therefore, you will have to build up trust with your consumers by providing high-quality products that they will want to rebuy or recommend to others.

    Also, a common mistake, regarding the quality of the product, is telling your customers that the product is of good quality when the quality of the product may be subjective and could damage the reputation of your business.



There will always be highs and lows to every business. Still, if you follow a highly thought out business plan and you are carefully considering all of the above to avoid common mistakes, you will considerably lower your chances of failure. As long as you are motivated to succeed and have done all your research, dropshipping will work for you!


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