The Laptop Lifestyle!

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Would you like a laptop lifestyle?

How would you like the idea of getting into the dynamic and expanding world of e-commerce and Internet trade, estimated to be a £ 4 trillion industry by 2020? Vincofy can connect you with the knowledge that is current, relative and practical in the fast-paced flow of e-commerce information, e-commerce transactions, and the social connectivity that drives e-commerce awareness.

With our monthly tips and academy, you'll explore popular platforms and opportunities to generate traffic for a general understanding of where and how your interests may best fit. Let this overview fuel your business dream and then decide how you want to advance - E-commerce Management or E-commerce Mastery?

The e-commerce store is simply selling your products or services over the internet. And the best thing about this is that all this is done while you're asleep. Did you know that millions of people buy online every single day? As a matter of fact, as of 2017, over 86% of Britain shop online spending an average of £ 1600 each year and that's only going to get bigger, much more significant. E-commerce is now a trillion-pound industry and is expected to grow by a massive 19% worldwide in the next three years and to give you an idea of ??how fast that is, those numbers are expected to £ 4 trillion by the year 2020 That's right, that's just around the corner. According to Nasdaq, 95% of retail purchases will be facilitated by e-commerce by 2040.

Now imagine you had only a tiny piece of that. You can operate your business from anywhere in the world and make money even while you're sleeping. You see, when you build your e-commerce business the right way, you'll be working any hours you want, any time you want from anywhere in the world even if you have no idea what you'd be selling right now. Also, since your new business is entirely online, your customers will buy from you any time they want to without you needing to be there. How cool is that? And no, you don't need to be an IT genius of knowing coding or any of that stuff and let me tell you why.

With sites like Shopify, WordPress, Amazon, and eBay it's never been easier to open an e-commerce store with a shallow barrier to entry. Once you tap into the explosive power of Facebook and Instagram, you'll discover a set of superpowers you don't even know about yet, 

Before you start jumping into this industry or any other industry for that matter, I would like you to consider and practice the following points, because if you do not consider these points, then you might as well stop reading the rest of this article, because it is not for you.
Look, this is not a nonsense business model, this is not a scam, just reality of online business !! No stock to pay without selling, no inventory to hold in your storage, no rent to pay to the landlord, no PAYE employees in your books, but an easy to run a business from anywhere in the world. This kind of business enables you to earn money while you on holiday, sleeping, travelling or doing something else you simply enjoy doing.

However, this is a business, and we're going to treat you like a business owner. We're not saying you will be a business owner. We are saying that right now you are a business owner, but you have to treat this as such if you are to become successful. Now as a business owner that you now consider yourself, you'll be making business decisions from now on, and that means you take opportunities like this very seriously.

If you treat your business like a hobby, you get paid like hobby money or maybe none at all, but when you operate your business like a business and take it seriously, you get paid serious business money, so that is why it's absolutely critical to consider yourself like a business owner; otherwise, you'd fail from the start.
The other critical part is having a plan or goal you can stick to, something that drives you and commits yourself to do everything that's needed. Maybe you can write a business plan, find out what it's needed out there that you can solve or you can do better and why.
You have to remember that you may experience some difficulties along the way just like starting any business, there might be times when you don't want to carry on any longer and want to give up, but the key to this is staying focused and committed. These are skills that great entrepreneurs should have and practice, which you can train yourself for. It's the secret that most people miss out on and it's practically a superpower that many successful people like what Jeff Bezos used when he found Amazon, and it's the secret to how Elon Musk brilliantly designed SpaceX and Tesla or when Steve Jobs built Apple that made us look at the technology in a different perspective.  

The secret which is going to make you explode past everyone else and drive your success beyond your peers is persistence. As you continue building your dream, you'll find out that at the top of every heap, there is a shortcut to becoming hyper-persistent through your biggest struggles even if you've never stuck with anything like this before.

Remember that there is lots of hard work and commitment to be put into this to become successful. If you have a full-time job, you need to remember that there is also homework you'll need to do when you get home before and after you eat, sleep or do anything else. Yes, there's homework, and by homework, I mean working on your research, marketing and platform, because if you are going to become successful, then you will need to do work yourself and do your researches. This is the type of homework that rockets your ability to make serious money. This is the homework that gets your heart racing, blood pumping, dislikes the long hours of sleep and jumps you out of bed hours before your alarm goes off because you can't wait to see what's next on the agenda.

One of your biggest challenges you will face will be the pessimism from your family and friends. Yes, we all have those friends and family who will try to put our hopes down and especially older people how do not understand today's technology. Their common excuses that will be like "Oh you'll never make any money from this" or “that's not a great idea, why don't you just find a normal job?” or "Why do you think that you'll succeed the established e-commerce" that's just the kind of negativity that has stopped them from becoming somebody. By that they mean let somebody else use you and your skills to pay you enough to get fed, not to pay you what you deserve. Have a look at them and their success and then think if you should hear their advice or not ?!

Does this feel familiar? It's the most important reason why you should surround yourself with like-minded people like yourself that raise you up because everyone else will pull you down.


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