The Power of e-Commerce

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The business that keeps thriving 

Ecommerce is one gigantic industry believing to be worth over £20 Trillion by 2025. Though it is getting very big in scale, this concept is not new. By the statistics of 2014-2017, there has been approximately 25 per cent growth rate in sales by E-commerce. All the ways by which people purchase products from all over the world, the E-commerce industry is ever-changing concerning the same pattern and the reason for constant growth and progress in this industry.



Here it is presented a detailed view and completely defined overlook about dropshipping with all the key concepts you need to know. The actual concept of dropshipping is a bit tricky and not all the people understand it. If someone is new to the online E-commerce industry, then to understand the drop shipping concept in depth is a bit difficult task.

For the people who are new to the dropshipping concept and are looking into the eCommerce, the dropshipping process can seem to be a little tricky.  Dropshipping can be challenging in finding a dependable source to get the required knowledge for the business, finding reliable suppliers to fulfil the orders, knowing how to win your first client as well as how to be trusted by the suppliers and consumers? All these are key to your online startup. 

What Does Dropshipping Mean? 

Dropshipping is a unique type of business model in which you do not need to worry about having a warehouse to maintain your inventory and to store all the products you are offering. You also do not need to have cargo or delivery services to ship your products to your respective customers. You do not need to worry about the shop rent, employees’ wages, local authority payable rates or insurance costs.  

Dropshipping is when a retailer fulfils orders from a third party, and the order is shipped directly from the supplier to the customer. The retailer does not own or store any products; they pass on the sales order. 
Here is the break down of vital points for your ease:

  • Retailer or vendor owns only an online store from where a consumer, can choose their desired products and purchase them.
  • When the retailer receives the order, he forwards all of your necessary information about the order, including the product and shipping details, to the supplier.
  • The supplier then collects the information and ships the product directly to the consumer with the retailer's details.

Following the above process, the retailer gets the commission, the supplier sales his stock from their warehouse, and you as a customer, get your desired product. Thus, it is a win-win condition for every party. This business model of E-commerce is instrumental as it eradicates many expenditures like, maintaining your warehouse and inventory, maintaining your outlet or a physical location to showcase your products, dealing with overheads and the work that come with that, etc.

 To make this easy to set up business possible, you need is an online platform and a device to have a breakthrough in your business. 
You can easily understand the strength and power of E-commerce with drop shipping. It has brought a paradigm shift in online businesses. Dropshipping is the future of E-commerce, and according to NASDAQ, 95% of the retail will be done online by 2040. provides authentic and trustworthy E-commerce dropshipping services with British suppliers and products. Vincofy acts as an agent between the retailer and a wholesaler where you can get your orders fulfilled with complete satisfaction without having to sign contracts with multiple suppliers and dealing with multiple individual order fulfilments. Vincofy is one platform that can simplify the hard work you hate doing where you can get access to millions of products at wholesale price and earn up to 100% profit margin on products.


Benefits of Drop Shipping in E-commerce

There are several blunt and obvious key point benefits of dropshipping:


The Cost is Next to Zero to Set up Drop Shipping Business: 

As discussed earlier, in traditional business models, you need to set up your warehouse and physical location to showcase your business, purchasing inventory, maintaining inventory and all the utility bills and other expenses. With the dropshipping concept, none of those exists. 


It is So Easy to Set Up: 

The drop shipping business model is straightforward to set up because it doesn't need any manpower due to the three steps required to start your own dropshipping business.

  • Finding a Suitable Supplier (i.e. Vincofy)
  • Creating an Online Platform to Showcase (a great platform that can easily and quickly integrate Vincofy’s products to your store, is Shopify)
  • Your Products (Choose a niche of the products you like to sell)
  • Start Selling (You just opened your own business)

This business model is so easy to execute because once you understand the secrets and tricks, that's about it.


Risk of Losing Investment: 

There is almost no risk of losing your investment because there is no significant investment you need to put in this business. As you do not need to buy any products, pay huge rental shop fee, or paying your staff, you have nothing to worry about it.  

Your startup costs are:
Vincofy's membership price £19.95 per month with two weeks free trial and 60 days money back guaranty. 
Shopify's monthly fee of £19.95 with two weeks of a free trial, totalling the amount of £39.90 per month selling millions of products.


You Can Run The Business From Anywhere: 

We all have our busy schedules, and if you are running a traditional brick and mortar business, then you have to be present at your business to run it. But the dropshipping business model can be run from anywhere while you are on holiday, on the go or working from home. All you need is a laptop and internet connectivity, and that is it.


Variety and Abundance of Products: 

You can access as many wholesalers and manufacturers to showcase their products on your online store through Vincofy. Suppliers nowadays are looking for some good online platform to have more of their products sold. So, it is a win-win situation for everyone.
 When you link with Vincofy, who has millions of products in stock through hundreds of suppliers they work with, it is evident that you do not need to worry about the product's availability.


Time to Focus and Enhance Your Business: 

As all of your work is handled automatically online, this enables you to have more time to focus on the growth of your business. You can learn and take further steps to enhance and spread your store in all directions that are suitable for you. 


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