The New Go-To Way to Sell

Added By Admin on 21 Aug 2020

The world changes are here to stay


Here at Vincofy we truly believe drop shipping is the new go-to way to sell your products. We provide a vital platform for individuals to create their store, sell products and grow their business; being their boss and controlling everything through a laptop. Online accessibility to sell and buy products is more important than ever before, especially with the new and uncertain challenges we are facing as a worldwide society.


The world has been hit with the destructive coronavirus pandemic, changing the way we live for now and most likely the foreseeable future. We have had to adapt in ways we could have never imagined, and everyone’s everyday lives have changed dramatically. Across the world, the virus is monitored continuously, and the chance of local lockdowns being put back in place is still relatively high for most. Lockdown, isolation and social distancing has meant we have begun to use alternative resources for us always to have some kind of normality. Online buying and selling are one great resource people have turned to. Dropshipping has become increasingly popular over the last few years. With our current climate in a state of uncertainty, it seems many people have used their initiative to start personal businesses in any easy, straight-forward and stress-free way.


Thousands of people have sadly lost their job and been made redundant; one of the many unfortunate effects coronavirus has handed to us. However, on a more positive note, this has meant many people have taken hold of their passions and turned them into profit through starting up their own, small business from home. Through companies like us, creating an ideal and smooth-running drop shipping experience, online stores can be supported, helped and pointed in the right direction to help people fulfil and achieve their dreams.


When choosing Vincofy, you can have a premium experience, at ease with endless drop shipping opportunities. It is a chance for you to share your products or the products of suppliers we have connected you with, without having to worry about investing in the stock. And, it means regardless of the coronavirus pandemic situation, your products will reach your customers quickly and most importantly, safely.

Staying safe, protecting yourself and those around you at the same time as continuing to learn, grow and develop as an entrepreneur really can be achieved with our consistent monthly tips on improving your marketing, sales and promotional skills.


Drop shipping is becoming the new, go-to way to sell products, particularly within the current climate, simply because you do not need to manage a physical inventory for the products you deal with. Vincofy will handle your packaging and shipping of goods to the consumer, cutting out an unnecessary ‘middle man’. This kind of shipment of products suits the coronavirus pandemic because it means you can reassure customers that their products have been handled as little as they possibly could have been, ultimately reducing the risk of spreading and catching the virus. While all of this is taken care of by us, you will be left to deal with and focus on orders, customer service and return-replacement initiation within your new, fantastic company.


Working from home with Vincofy provides freedom and proves that when individuals are trusted to work on their initiative and motivate themselves to run their own business, successful and spectacular things can happen! Companies like us can assist people in achieving their dreams by allowing them to work in an environment they are comfortable and can thrive. E-commerce enables you to create your working timetable efficiently, offering you the chance to prioritise other influential factors within your life such as time spent with family. Spending time with the loved ones is something everyone was reminded how important this is during the lockdown, with the risk of the extremely dangerous coronavirus being very prevalent in societies across the world.


Remote working through drop shipping is the perfect business idea and ideal e-commerce solution when working for yourself or even as part of a team. It is a quicker and efficient retail fulfilment method, resulting in you (the seller) not having to handle any of the products. We can’t emphasise enough that this fact alone is particularly vital within the current climate as it is reducing further risk of the spread of the coronavirus disease.


Join thousands of other successful entrepreneurs today when signing up with Vincofy to create your own professional business and gain high profit. Work from the comfort of your own home in the knowledge you are doing your bit to reduce the spread of coronavirus, and relish, regardless of the uncertain times ahead. With the possibilities of further lockdowns, your business can keep on performing, and your profits can keep on improving.

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